Tales of Care and Repair, a pair of patched jeans fixed by the team to reduce waste and support local economies  ©

Dawn Giles

  • Collaborators: Repair Acts, University of the West of England (England), Toxic Links (India), Gambiologia (Brazil)
  • Climate change theme: Repair; Consumption
  • Locations: India, Brazil and the UK

Tales of Care and Repair is collecting 1,000 stories of repairing everyday objects onto a digital repository to inspire a culture of care and repair for the future of our planet. It brings together artists, designers, policy makers and scholars to hold expert workshops and seminars, and create Repair Declarations for citizens to adopt local repair mindsets in cities, villages and neighbourhoods.

Visit the Tales of Care and Repair website to find out more.

During COP26

Tales of Care and Repair are hosting several events on fixing everyday things instead of replacing them, sharing stories behind 1000 repair objects, and creating Repair Declarations in Brazil, India and UK. Welcome to join the closing symposium on 8-9 November 2021.