Listening to Ice - On the fieldtrip with the Himalayan glaciers  ©

Listening to Ice

  • Collaborators: Goldsmiths University of London (England), Indian Institute of Technology Indore Simrol (India)
  • Climate change theme: Melting glaciers
  • Locations: Drang Drung glacier, Himalayas, India

The material transformations of Himalayan glaciers due to climate change are impacting directly upon mountain communities through flood events, rainfall patterns, and temperature rise but also climate systems globally. This creative commission builds upon multi-year research exploring the many different knowledge practices that are mediated by 'ice' from scientific expertise to local knowledge and indigenous traditions. 

Major outcomes from Listening to Ice include a documentary film that will shown in public galleries and at film festivals, an online digital project platform with functionality for hosting a live data transmission from Drang-Drung Glacier, as well as a series of interviews and podcasts. Please visit their website for more information.