• Collaborators: Neville Gabie, Independent Artist and Philippa Ruth Bayley, Creative Producer (England), Matthias Brenzinger, Researcher in Linguistics (South Africa), Cesar Augusto Sánchez León (Colombia)
  • Climate change theme: Landscape; Nature

Living-language-land is a journey through endangered and minority languages that reveal different ways of relating to land and nature. Through 26 words shared in the run-up to COP26, global audiences are inspired to tackle the environmental crisis through written, video, audio and photographic stories. 

Like plant and animal species, hundreds of languages are rapidly vanishing and with them genuine conceptual and practical strategies for sustainable livelihood. Living-Language-Land aims to animate world views that lie outside the English and Western dominated conversation about climate breakdown and its market-led solutions.

Visit the Living-Language-Land website to find out more. 

If you are interested in language association with nature, you can also listen to The Climate Connection podcast episode 7 on Natural language.

At COP26

Living-language-land is showcased at COP26 Green Zone on 3 November in Glasgow. The showcasing event includes films and visual content contributed to the project from communities across the world. It also includes conversations with some of our international contributors, allowing the audience to directly engage with the people and experiences that may lead us into a different relationship with our land and nature.

You can watch the event recording below.

Living Language Land was showcased in Green Zone at COP26 on 3 November.

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