Two women talking over a desk in a British Council office

Mat Wright

Our five values underpin everything we say and do, how we work with people, behave towards them and communicate. Here is a brief description of what each one means to us.

Valuing people

The world is a diverse place, which is why our work starts by giving everyone the chance to participate. This means treating people with courtesy and respect. By listening and responding in a helpful way, we are able to unlock potential and help people be the best they can.


Keeping our promises, and being consistent in what we say and do, builds trust. We are always honest and take responsibility for our actions.


Effective relationships are at the heart of our work. It’s a two-way exchange: we learn from all those we interact with and they learn from us, all with a view to advancing the creation of global citizens.


We encourage people to develop new ideas in an environment of trust. We are resourceful and innovative in our approach and actively seek and present the best in creativity.


As leaders, we understand our responsibility to deliver excellence every time. Setting the highest standards for ourselves and expecting the same of others means that we stay true to our values.