Two people with long black hair blowing in a sea breeze, their backs to the camera, both dressed in vibrant red, both holding onto a long piece of bamboo that dissects the whole frame. In the background, a white concrete wall and the sea.
October 2023

The Missing Foundation report launch

Event: join us online for the launch of our thought-provoking new report on culture’s place within and beyond the UN SDGs.

  • Arts and culture
  • International development
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Event
Community members look and point at photos at the exhibition of Photovoice club in Gia Lai province, Vietnam.
September 2023

Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth Essay Collection

Essay collection: these essays explore heritage’s relationship to sustainable development from a variety of different perspectives, through case studies, concepts and practical approaches.

  • Arts and culture
  • Cultural heritage
  • International development
  • Essay
Multiple lines of red and white light joining together. Rush hour traffic motorway tracks light trace. Highway Autobahn A3 West (border to Netherlands) to East (border to Austria) across Germany.
August 2023

Digital cultural relations: a pathway to trust?

Insight article: international cultural relations is increasingly present in the digital dimension, but what does this mean for building trust?

  • Cultural relations
  • Digital and technology
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Trust and dialogue
  • Insight article
School student learning languages in classroom
June 2023

Language Trends England 2023

Research series: more than 1300 teachers from primary, secondary and independent schools across England contributed to this year's report about language teaching and learning.

  • Education
  • Language learning
  • Schools and teachers
  • United Kingdom
  • Research report
  • Research series
June 2023

Next Generation Pakistan

Research series: Next Generation Pakistan examines the views, values, beliefs and actions of young people (aged 16-34) in Pakistan, and the challenges they face today.

  • Youth voices
  • South Asia and Asia Pacific
  • Research report
  • Research series

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