• Collaborators: HarrisonParrott (UK), Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Scotland), Scottish Ballet (Scotland), Gaza Sky Geeks (Occupied Palestinian Territories), Promise Hub (Uganda)
  • Climate change theme: General 
  • Locations: Bangladesh, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Scotland, and Uganda

Creativity is at the centre of this arts and digital exchange. Centred around a Shared Studios 'Portal' shipping container (in residence at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), it enables immersive, life-sized and life-like connections creating the sensation of being in the same room – allowing people across the world to connect. The portal will connect the UK-based portal with several countries around the world, physically and/or digitally. 

Visit the Harrison Parrot website to find out more.

During COP26

Take part in the Climate Portals festival that runs from 25 October to 12 November at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow!

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