Art Center Nabi, Watershed and Bang & Lee co-hosted the Korea-British global cultural project The Gathering Moss as an attempt to tackle climate issues.

The Gathering Moss is a digital landscape populated with artistic ideas made in response to the climate emergency. It invites visitors to explore, to imagine the future of our rapidly heating world, to be hopeful and to act. The Gathering Moss was terraformed by a group of young artists from South Korea and the UK who connected through a 5-day Creative Camp; plus, South Korean media artists Bang & Lee, who present hybrid works in response to the environment of Jeju Island. The Gathering Moss presents ideas online, to provoke net-zero acts within the real world. We invite you to explore and be inspired to #ActZero.

Coronary Synthesis

Heather Gibson is a Bristol and Bath based queer creative who is on a mission to create social change. Constructed with yarn made from IKEA sandwich bags and creatively produced image content, Heather’s piece titled Coronary Synthesis, explores the relationship between plastics and the human body asking, if babies born in 2021 have fifteen times more microplastics within them than adults, what will human organs look like in the future? The piece conveys that the dominant narratives around plastic pollution are a distraction and used by governments and corporations to place blame on consumer decisions. The piece inspires audience to pull at the threads of misinformation surrounding climate change.

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The Future? We Choose

Tom Forsey is a filmmaker from Bath with an MSci in Earth Sciences from UCL. Tom strives to combine his passion for solving the climate crisis with filmmaking and has created an experimental video work that speaks to this mission. The Future? We Choose encourages viewers to consider the crossroads humanity is at and how we have a choice. Based on scientific projections of potential future scenarios, the work contrasts utopia with dystopia in a very human way, to draw attention to the stark reality of this moment.

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Illogical Love

Chanu Lee is a digital designer and contemporary media artist, and Sooah Kwak, is an artistic researcher and media artist, both based in Seoul. Their joint interest in underwater data centres has led to a new work titled Illogical Love, which playfully questions the possibility of solidarity between multiple species and objects natural and unnatural, human and non-human. They present a fictional project group that proposes to employ its own queerness to reach a community of multiple agents rooted in illogical love. 

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The last choice

Inez Solomon-Gardner is a credited actor based in Bath and London with a keen interest in writing and music. Inez loves working across disciplines and has created an experience combining poetry and interactive video that explores our individual responsibility to save the planet. Titled The last choice, Inez’s work highlights the urgency of the situation and how our small actions can make a huge difference in the fate of humanity.

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Plastic Śarīra

Water Dweller is the collective name of artist duo Syemin Park whose work focuses on the mistakes and remnants of technology, and Seunghee Choi who makes artificial life through computational generative art. Their piece Plastic Śarīra explores data and movement of microplastics through environments and bodies. The piece imagines a future where microplastics that stow the data of each entity they have passed through, are left behind by every creature on the planet. They ask, what will microplastics tell about you when your body disappears?

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ActZero and ActZero Noji

South Korean media artists Bang & Lee present ActZero Noji, a site-specific artwork that was developed in response to the environment of Jeju Island, a location that is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. ActZero Noji is the first act of ActZero, a provocation launched by Bang & Lee which challenges people to act together with them, to achieve net-zero in their daily lives.

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