• Collaborators: Cooperative Innovations (England) Eden Festival of Action (led by Greenpop, South Africa)
  • Climate change theme: Plastic
  • Locations: South Africa and UK

The online Museum of Plastic is set in 2121, to tell a new story about plastics, one which helps us meaningfully frame our actions today as a vital part of a century-long story. 

The project works with young South African artists to create 3D digital murals about our relation to plastics to advocate for steps to be taken to reduce our consumption and reimagine possibilities. Launching in November for COP26, the VR experience includes four wings in the museum on environment, history, industry and science.

The online Museum of Plastic is now open!

Visit by downloading Curatours: Steam or Oculus App Lab.

Download the Museum of Plastic Action Toolkit here.

Virtual reality interpretation of physical art mural  ©

Museum of Plastic