• Collaborators: D-Fuse (England), Metal (England), RMIT University (Vietnam), Maya Chami, Digital and Visual Artist, Sembilan Matahari (Indonesia), Musica Estranha (Brazil), Multiplicidade (Brazil)
  • Climate change theme: Consumption
  •  Locations:UK, Indonesia, Lebanon, Brazil and Vietnam

Nine Earths is a unique environmental documentary that explores the relationship between everyday events and humanity’s excessive demand for the Earth’s resources. The project has engaged nearly a hundred collaborators to create a mosaic of day-to-day life, using footage shot by international collaborators. The project looks into the relationships between consumption levels of countries and individuals, cultural differences and similarities, and how we are all inextricably connected.

Watch the documentary above!

During COP26

Nine Earths is featured at British Film Institute Green Light immersive experience at the Southbank Centre, on Sunday 31 October to Sunday 7 November. Register for the event.

Nine Earths are also hosting an exciting event on Saturday 20 November at Metal in Liverpool, ‘The Future in Balance? After COP26'. It showcases the unique art and research project. Register for the event.



Nine Earths Nine Earths, D-Fuse, 2021