Two pupils in an online call with overseas pupils
Two UK students meet online with their counterparts in a school in a different country ©

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Nothing brings learning to life like working with schools in other countries.

Whether you want to increase understanding of global issues or enhance language learning, a school partnership can help you better engage pupils, reinforce existing projects, introduce new teaching approaches and, ultimately, improve learner outcomes.

The British Council offers a range of resources, guidance and learning opportunities for every step of your partnership journey – whether you’re looking for a partner or want to take an existing partnership to the next level. 

Wondering what the benefits of a school partnership are? Watch our video to hear from senior leaders in five schools about the value of a partnership to their students, to their staff and to the whole school community.

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"There is such power in working with colleagues in other countries. It inspires us, helps us appreciate our fortune, but also makes us think of what we could do differently. If you can, connect!"

Jeremy Barnes, Headteacher, All Saints Catholic primary school, Anfield, Liverpool

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