Countryside in Austria
Countryside in Austria. Photo ©

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Why choose Austria?

Austria was named in the top 15 of countries with the best quality of life by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2013. This was partly due to the strong sense of community and low overall crime rates. Living in Austria, you’ll be able to experience the great outdoors, and get involved with a range of activities, from winter sports to ballroom dancing.

Austria is an ideal base for exploring Europe, with extensive transport links to both central and eastern Europe.

  • As a language assistant in Austria, you will usually be placed in two schools, both secondary and vocational schools.
  • Posts are available for undergraduates and graduates.
  • You will usually be in post from 1 October to 31 May and work around 13 hours per week. Your full working contract entitles you to national healthcare.
  • Shorter posts are available for the first and second semesters of the year. Placements for the first semester start in early October and end in early or mid-February. Placements for the second semester start in mid- or late February and end in late May.

Am I eligible?

To be a language assistant in Austria, you must:

Where can I go?

Around 100 posts are available in the country each year. If you wish to express an area preference, you must choose one area from each of the groups below. Please choose one from group A, one from group B and one from group C, and then put them in order of preference.

  • GROUP A: Burgenland - Niederösterreich - Vorarlberg
  • GROUP B: Kärnten - Oberösterreich - Steiermark
  • GROUP C: Salzburg - Tirol - Wien

We strongly recommend that you research different areas of Austria to make sure that you pick the areas that suit you most. Wien, Salzburg and Tirol are the most popular first choice regions, so competition is high.

The areas listed above refer to regions and not to towns or cities, although they may share the same name. Candidates who are placed in one of their three area preferences should expect to be allocated anywhere within the given region.

How much will I be paid?

You can expect to earn approximately €1,250 net per month.

What is the application timeline?

  • February-April: some candidates may be contacted if we need clarification on certain aspects of their application.
  • April-May: candidates find out whether their application has been forwarded to our Austrian partner organisation.
  • June: candidates find out whether they have been allocated to a country or been placed on a waiting list.
  • July: candidates hear the location of their post.

Successful candidates will begin their post in October 2019 (for full-year and first-semester applicants), or February 2020 (for second-semester applicants).

For more information, download our English Language Assistant lifecyle (PDF 800KB).

Will there be an induction course?

You will be invited to attend a five-day induction in either Hinterglemm or St. Pölten at the start of the first semester.  Assistants working for the second semester will not be required to attend this induction course.

The course will cover all the necessary administration for living in Austria as well as give you the opportunity to learn and practise teaching skills. On arrival, you will need to pay a small cost (approximately €90), which covers your accommodation and meals.

I'm currently a language assistant in Austia – can I apply again?

Assistants currently working in Austria can apply for a consecutive year. This is not done through the British Council: contact the BMBWF for more information. We recommend you do this as soon as you have decided you would like to stay in Austria.

Consecutive year assistants can ask to remain at the same school, or request a change to their school or region. They will not be required to attend the induction course the following year.

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