Group of young people smiling and waving against a backdrop of mountain scenery in China
English Language Teachers on a trip to China's picturesque Yunnan Province. ©

Image used with permission.

Gain classroom experience, improve your language skills, develop your cultural awareness and professional skills.

We offer the opportunity to teach English overseas on a paid six-month or one-year placement working as a Language Assistant. Teaching time is limited to between 12 and 20 hours a week, giving you plenty of time to experience the country and pursue other interests. Many language assistants use their time abroad productively, from starting a small business to appearing on TV.

Benefits of participation

As an English Language Assistant, you will: 

  • strengthen your CV
  • improve your fluency in another language
  • gain a number of skills including communication, presentation, time management, organisation, teamwork, and problem-solving
  • immerse yourself in another culture and improve your cultural awareness
  • develop professional confidence

Hear what our former English Language Assistants say about their placement experiences.


Grace Grossman, used with permission.

Note to applicants on Brexit

We are monitoring the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union process closely, however the outcome of this will depend on the ongoing negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

We would like to offer our reassurance that both the British Council and our overseas partners both in Europe and worldwide remain committed to the programme. The language assistants programme is not reliant on EU funding to function and as such any potential impact of the UK leaving the EU would be at an individual participant level in terms of visas, health insurance etc. rather than at a programme level. 

For all queries related to Erasmus+ funding, please speak to the Erasmus Coordinator at your university and consult the Erasmus+ Brexit Update page for the latest information.

We are currently administering the 2019/20 programme as usual, and we are making preparations for the 2020/21 programme which will be shared with applicants over the summer as part of our pre-departure advice. We would like to thank you for your support of the programme during the continued uncertainty.