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The Turing Scheme for UK students

The Turing Scheme provides funding to UK organisations to unlock life-changing experiences across the world for their pupils, students and learners. 

Schools, colleges and higher education providers apply for funding for projects on behalf of their pupils, students and learners. 

If you are based in one of these organisations you may be eligible to take part. It does not matter if you are a full time or part time student.

Participating in a Turing Scheme placement will give you the chance to develop new skills, gain vital international experience and boost your employability.

You can also develop professional practice, a wide range of soft skills, and language skills. You will build relationships with international peers and gain fresh ideas and a better understanding of other cultures.

Your college or university will be able to provide you with information about how they are using the Turing Scheme to give you opportunities to study and work abroad, including which countries you can visit and how to be involved.

The Turing Scheme is managed by Capita plc. Visit the Turing Scheme site for more information.

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