This page is for applicants who have previously worked, or are currently working, as an English Language Assistant and who wish to apply for the 2022/23 programme.

First-time applicants should refer to our usual eligibility requirements for the programme.

Please note that it is only possible to be a Language Assistant recruited via this programme a maximum of four times, regardless of whether the posts were in the same or different countries. Both consecutive and non-consecutive years will be counted.

How you apply will depend on whether you:

  • are a Language Assistant
  • have been a Language Assistant in the past
  • would like to return to the same country. This is only possible for applicants in Austria, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico
  • would like to apply to a different country.

Please read our guidance to determine which route you should take. Also note that: 

  • all former and current assistants are required to upload a reference from their former/current host institution. This can often take time to be produced and signed so we advise requesting this at least a month before the deadline. Your application will be marked as incomplete without this
  • consecutive applicants (current Language Assistants) will not need to supply details of an additional referee, and should see below for how to complete the ‘referee details’ section of the application form.
  • all successful candidates, including former or consecutive assistants, must apply for an International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) before taking up their post. This is a form of criminal record check. Do not apply for the ICPC until we instruct you to. This will cost approximately £75. Please refer to our eligibiliy requirements for more information. Consecutive applicants must obtain a valid ICPC regardless of whether they applied through the British Council or through one of our partner organisations. 

 Last updated 16/12/2021

I am a consecutive year applicant wishing to stay in the same country

  • France: Information for how to apply for 2022-23 will be updated in January 2022 on the Pour un renouvellement de contrat section of  France Education International. You may ask to remain at the same school or request a change.
  • Canada: contact Éducation Internationale to express interest by end of February 2022. 
  • Spain (only if applying to the same school), Mexico and Colombia: applicants must follow these instructions in this guidance document.
  • Spain: if you are applying to a different school or region, then please complete all sections of the application in full.
  • Austria: please apply directly through the OeAD/BMBWF
  • Germany: please contact the PAD directly with a request to apply for a consecutive year.
  • Colombia: ELAs applying for a consecutive year are now limited to 2 years in total
  • Switzerland: please contact Movetia for further information on how to submit a request and application with them.

I am a consecutive year applicant wishing to apply to a different country

You will need to submit a new application, completing all sections in full, with the exception of the below mentioned areas:




Introduction Have you previously participated or are you currently participating in the British Council Language Assistants Programme? Select yes and the current year in the dropdown
About You - Contact Details Preferred contact details Please provide your permanent UK address
About You - Contact Details Do you have another correspondence address? Tick ‘non-UK address’ and put your current address abroad
Employment   As we have your employment details from your previous application, you do not need to include your entire employment history.  Please only include details of your current role as a Language Assistant in this section
Returning Assistants Have you previously participated or are currently participating in the Language Assistants programme? Select ‘yes’ and complete the subsequent questions specific to consecutive years
Returning Assistants Please upload a reference from the host institution to finalise the application The reference must comment on your performance as an assistant and be signed or stamped by the school. It is preferable for the letters to be printed on school letter headed paper
Personal statement Motivation and personal statement Please complete these sections in full, stating your motivations to be an assistant in a different country.
Referee details Referee name Enter ‘consecutive applicant – [insert country]’
Referee details Email address Enter 
Referee details Referee position Please leave blank

I am a non-consecutive former Language Assistant

This applies if you worked as an Assistant during or before the 2020/21 academic year. This is most likely to be a candidate who completed their assistantship as part of their degree programme, and who is currently completing their final year at university. 

How should I apply?

  • You will need to submit a new application, completing all sections in full
  • you will need to provide details of a current referee, as well as a reference from your former host institution.

Additional information - Spain

If you are currently, or have previously, been a British Council-appointed language assistant in Spain you may be eligible to apply for future programmes. Spanish nationals who hold only a Spanish passport are not eligible. Spanish dual nationals in possession of a non-Spanish passport are eligible and should provide details of their non-Spanish passport in the application form.

Please note that for those applying for their second year on the programme in the same school, we will aim to prioritise you for this position where possible. However, due to the high competition for positions in Spain, we are not able to prioritise applications from those who are applying for their third of fourth year on the programme. Your application will be treated as normal, alongside first-time applicants.

Assistants wishing to renew in the same school or same region should be aware that, although the British Council passes on your renewal request, the ultimate decision on your allocation lies with the Spanish authorities. It is your individual responsibility to look into your region’s eligibility criteria for renewal before submitting your application to the British Council. 

Different Spanish regions have different rules for consecutive and non-consecutive assistants who wish to remain in or return to the same region:

Aragon, Andalucía, Madrid*, País Vasco, La Rioja

Language Assistants are not able to participate in the programme in Aragon, Andalucía, Madrid*, País Vasco or La Rioja for more than two school years, consecutive or not. If you have already worked in one of these regions for two years, you may only apply to a different region(s), so long as you do not exceed the maximum four years working as a language assistant.

Please note other eligibility criteria and application processes apply in Madrid. Please see below for more information.

Islas Baleares, Islas Canarias, Castilla La Mancha, Galicia, Valencia, Murcia

Language Assistants are not allowed to participate in the programme in Islas Baleares, Islas Canarias, Castilla La Mancha, Galicia, Valencia or Murcia for more than three school years, consecutive or not. If you have already worked in one of these regions for three years, you may only apply to a different region(s), as long as you do not exceed the maximum four years working as a Language Assistant.

Spain - Madrid Comunidad Additional Requirements

You must follow the instructions for renewing in the Comunidad de Madrid. Non-compliance with their processes could result in rejection of your application. 

Returning non-consecutive year applicants

Language Assistants are not allowed to participate in the program in Madrid for more than two consecutive school years. If you have not worked in Madrid during this academic year, but have worked in Madrid previously, you may still apply provided you have only worked in Madrid previously for one academic year.

You must not exceed the maximum four years working as a Language Assistant.

Consecutive year applicants

Please note the submission of the renewal application to the British Council does not imply its automatic acceptance. The renewal is dependent on acceptance by the Madrid Comunidad and completion of all the steps detailed below. While the British Council supports the recruitment of assistants to the Madrid Comunidad, the Madrid Comunidad’s decision to accept or reject candidates is final. 

Language Assistants are not able to participate in the program in Madrid for more than two consecutive school years. Language Assistants who wish to renew in the Comunidad de Madrid must follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Complete the online MOOC by the deadline set, usually by the end of January. In order to renew, you must have completed the required tasks online by the deadline set by the Madrid authorities. Information on this will be received directly from the authorities and it is not possible to renew for a second year if you have not completed the online MOOC.
  2. Apply to the British Council before our applications close, usually early February. Your current or previous school reference is required as part of the application process. This must be uploaded to the British Council online application form.
  3. School Renewal Application. If you wish to continue working in the same school, you must ask the director of your educational centre to submit a renewal application through the Conversation Auxiliary Management Portal (AuxMadrid). This renewal should detail that they wish for you to work for another academic year in their institution. Language assistants working in more than one school should ensure that each school they work in submits a renewal reference. Deadlines for the submission of a school renewal request will come directly from the Madrid Comunidad