Our interventions have supported change at a systems level in each of the countries we have worked with and have delivered benefit to the UK, through creating business opportunities and building the capacity and networks of organisations and individuals. 

In Pakistan, for example, our intervention supported the implementation of major legislation to build an effective apprenticeship programme, through the production of a fit-for-purpose guide and a related series of workshops for employers and leaders of training institutions in nine different cities across the country. Over 500 key stakeholders benefited directly from this intervention that will help ensure young people in Pakistan receive transformative apprenticeship experiences through the new programme. 

In Vietnam, our intervention focussed on quality assurance in VET. Experts benchmarked the performance of a range of training institutes against international standards, developed a quality assurance self-assessment tool for use by training institutes across Vietnam, and provided recommendations to enhance quality assurance nationally. In this way, the intervention both supported institutions to implement better quality assurance and informed the development of government policy to help ensure system-wide improvement in the area of quality assurance – with related benefits for every student and teacher within the Vietnamese VET system. 

In Malawi, VET Toolbox supported the National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) in collaboration with the Federation of Disabled Peoples Organization in Malawi (FEDOMA) and the Ministry of Labour to improve the capacity of VET instructors to enhance their ability to provide effective training by integrating people with disabilities.

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