Since its start in 2017, VET Toolbox has achieved significant impact around the world by working with local partners to ensure skills development better meets the needs of individuals, labour markets and the economy through high-quality, relevant and innovative provision. We have provided short, targeted technical assistance across a range of key areas, including quality assurance, private sector engagement, curriculum development, apprenticeships, labour market analysis and inclusive VET provision. 

In the spirit of the VET Toolbox’s collaborative approach, we also amplified our impact by sharing the knowledge, tools and approaches developed through our interventions to help support more VET systems regionally and globally. These activities included a regional seminar in South Asia, a global online seminar and the sharing of guides and toolkits that can be adapted to a range of local contexts. 

Here are the tools that the British Council produced as part of VET Toolbox: 

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VET Toolbox success stories