Changing lives: Internationalising the Skills Sector

The Soft Skills Project Design and Delivery Toolkit provides the British Council and its delivery partners with a tool to identify the starting point, scope, breadth and depth, and structure of any soft skills development programme, applying the UK model and best practice. 

The Toolkit consists of two parts and includes four elements: 

  • Soft Skills Project Design and Delivery Launch Pad, that will help users identify the problem that needs to be addressed and will direct them to the correct entry point into the Soft Skills Design and Delivery Framework
  • A Soft Skills Project Design and Delivery Framework, which will guide the development and delivery of the most appropriate solution for the issues faced (in Part 1 of the Toolkit)
  • Lessons learned from previous delivery and general success factors to be considered
  • Recommendations for future design and delivery of projects focusing on soft skills development in a TVET context (in Part 2 of the Toolkit).