Extending, strengthening and deepening the international connections, understanding and trust of the UK’s higher education sector.

Connecting international education

The British Council’s work in higher education and science extends, strengthens and deepens the connections which the UK education sector has with governments and institutions around the world. It is motivated by the belief that international collaboration produces research which is more effective in addressing the world’s problems, enhances teaching and learning and in turn produces graduates with skills which are valuable to the economy. 

We help to extend the reach of UK higher education further geographically. We have an extensive history of working closely with governments, funding partners and the education sector all across the world. As a result we are constantly establishing new connections with and on behalf of UK institutions and bringing our insight to bear in creating new opportunities for UK institutions to collaborate overseas. 

The work that we do in facilitating partnerships at an institutional and a systemic level takes higher education further in its strategic aims. It supports governments and higher education institutions to develop quality research which addresses the world’s pressing issues, to produce graduates who can make up the skilled workforce of the future and to ensure broad participation in tertiary education. 

In order to deepen the connections between the UK and other countries, the British Council offers opportunities to individuals at all levels of UK higher education to engage and collaborate with their peers overseas.