British Council has signed a contract with the EU to deliver a four-year TVET technical assistance project in Malawi. The Zantchito Skills for Jobs project will improve the co-ordination of the TVET system in Malawi and ensure it meets sector, local economic and social needs. The project will work with the Government, the TVET agencies, private sector and their representatives and with four colleges which will become sector specific centres of vocational excellence for training learners and trainers. 

The project will draw on UK and international expertise to make a significant improvement in the quality, relevance and inclusiveness of the Malawi TVET system and will act as a catalyst for sharing good practice and promoting innovation through South-south collaboration.

The project will work alongside our VET Toolbox project to help the country meet its ambitions for a successful TVET system. The contract represents a major milestone for our work in Malawi and reflects the growing interest in TVET across Sub-Saharan Africa.