Radiobook Rwanda and Kwani?
Through its innovative format, this imprint aims to bring new audiences to Rwandan writing ©

Radiobook Rwanda 

Radio Book Rwanda aims to produce short stories by contemporary Rwandan writers both as podcasts and beautiful pocket-size editions combining new art and writing. 

The collaboration between; Huza Press (Rwanda), No Bindings (UK) and Kwani Trust (Kenya), draws on inspiration and editorial expertise from Kwani Trust’s Kwanini series, while opening up new audiences for Rwandan writers published by Huza Press through No Bindings innovative approaches to form and community publishing. 

The print editions will be available to be read for free in spaces frequented by 18-35 year olds across Rwanda, Nairobi and Bristol. One hour podcast content for each edition, audiobook versions of the short stories and interviews with writers and artists will be available online and through local radio stations in Rwanda, Kenya and the UK. 

The British Council has awarded RadioBook Rwanda the new Art new Audiences grant

No Bindings and Kwani Trust will spend substantive time in Rwanda during the design phase for the imprint, and over this time run workshops in book-making and editing to enable them to build needed publishing infrastructure in Rwanda while also ensuring that the imprint created is aesthetically Rwandan.

Kwani Trust will take each of the three short stories selected for publication. No Bindings will design and provide an approach to book-making that pushes at the limits of the book: making a three-dimensional object more accessible and attractive to a range of audiences.  Huza Press will bring together the editorial and design processes in a reflective, accessible way to networks of Rwandan writers, artists, and readers.

Ultimately this collaboration will creatively allow these stories to reach wider and more diverse audiences. 

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