Meet Me Outside: a Film Trilogy

Meet Me Outside is a short film trilogy that combines music, film and photography to frame culturally significant spaces, landmarks, landscapes and people in a new light.

Justin Purefoy, an expert cinematographer, and Osse Sinare, a photographer, will capture the beauty of the places and faces while Eugene & Brian from the duo Mankind, will create the soundtrack: a six track EP inspired by the stories and experiences of the locations.

This project is an experience that both the artists and audiences are bound to remember. Photos from this collaboration will be shared online and at select galleries across TZ, Kenya, and The UK.  

Come back in January 2017 to find out more about the locations and the progress on Meet Me Outside.

The British Council has awarded Meet Me Outside the new Art new Audiences grant

This project is in collaboration with Mankind (Kenya), Justin Purefoy (Scotland, UK), and Osse Sinare (Tanzania). 

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