Meet Me Outside is a short film trilogy that combines music, film and photography to frame culturally significant spaces, landmarks, landscapes and people in a new light.

Justin Purefoy, an expert cinematographer, and Osse Sinare, a photographer, will capture the beauty of the places and faces while Eugene & Brian from the duo Mankind, will create the soundtrack: a six-track EP inspired by the stories and experiences of the locations.

This project is an experience that both the artists and audiences are bound to remember. Photos from this collaboration will be shared online and at select galleries across TZ, Kenya, and The UK.  

The British Council has awarded Meet Me Outside the new Art new Audiences grant

This project is in collaboration with Mankind (Kenya), Justin Purefoy (Scotland, UK), and Osse Sinare (Tanzania). 

Meet me Outside in Nairobi

In Nairobi, their subject was Brian, a young creative right at the centre of the noise and movement. Though they do not focus on his art, they show his drive to engage the city and keep up with its pace while at the same time seeking inspiration from it. The soundtrack Never Fall, also expresses this urge to match Nairobi’s fast-paced nature quite well. Upperhill. An emerging part of the city served to express a new bold side of Nairobi. It featured in lots of the photos in the Nairobi gallery. Placing Brian in the foreground with Upperhill in his background. The Thika Road underpass, a very busy part of the superhighway was also featured in the film to paint a picture of the rush that comes with living in Nairobi

Meet me Outside in London

In London, the focus was to let the landscape of the city unfold to the audience as our unidentified subject moved around from dawn to dusk. Interacting with people, landmarks and street art. With greenery and graffiti taking the centre stage while the more popular metropolitan parts of the city took the background. London. The soundtrack to the film embodies the same passive character of the film making it that much more impactful & fluid, bringing the landscape into focus.

Expect a very laidback experience of London as though you had a personal tour guide.

Watch Meet me Outside in London here. 

Watch Meet me Outside in Zanzibar here. 

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