Through performance, contemporary dance, poetry, film and digital public installation, Man the Unfree will explore our shared understanding of freedom by responding to the seminal essay Man the Unfree by Ugandan poet Okot p’Bitek.

"Man is not born free. He cannot be free, he is incapable of being free. For only by being in chains can he be and remain 'human'".  Okot p’Bitek, Man the Unfree

The British Council has awarded Man the Unfree the new Art new Audiences grant

Poets Angel Mutoni (Rwanda) and Awuor Onyango (Kenya) and performers Simon Rwema (Rwanda), Nwando Ebizie (UK) and Neo Musangi (Kenya) will create a choreographed response to the essay Man the Unfree.

Through dance, poetry, film and digital arts, the artists will explore society’s shared understanding of freedom: how we define it, negotiate it and communicate it in our daily lives.

They will ask the question: if you are unfree as a man, you must have even fewer allowances to be a woman and rarely then can you ever be recognised as just other.

We look forward to sharing more on how you can participate in the coming months.

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