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Andy Lemay & Aaron Levitt

A cross-section of some of the most exciting contemporary sounds in East Africa and the UK will come together in a vibrant writing camp in Nairobi. We will encourage new collaborations, and create a platform for new sounds between like-minded but varied creatives. This will result in a number of new live performances made up of East African and UK artists. A multi-date UK tour will be in the summer of 2019. A compilation of music will be released and each track on the album will have an accompanying visual artist to create a unique visual identity.

There has been a recent upsurge in coverage of contemporary East African music from UK and European press. Many of these projects - including Boiler Room, FACT and Worldwide FM - have been overviews of scenes. NVS aims to connect more deeply with individual artists and collectives, building on previous coverage by facilitating new collaborations and helping them reach new audiences through touring in Europe.

The collaboration will be in the form of a writing camp, live stage performances and the release of an audio-visual compilation to create new art via musical collaborations between artists from different regions and musical backgrounds.

The British Council has awarded Extra Soul Perception the new Art new Audiences grant

The British Council's Music team believes in the power of music to connect people across cultures. They work with global networks to create music projects and opportunities that allow people to exchange ideas across genres from grime to folk to contemporary classical.

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