The Textile Print project is a collaborative fashion project created by  Diana Opoti to explore collaboration between designers and visual artists. For the project, 3 designers will each partner with a visual artist across different disciplines to create a new print or textile that is a reflection of an African contemporary story.

 In the creation of the new prints, the project will challenge the collaborators to look into cultural contexts of untold traditional African textiles ranging from patterns; symbolisms to status or materials used and then merge these stories with modern interpretations and sustainable production methods to recreate a new narrative of African textiles.

The textiles presented in the final capsule collections of the designers should in a sense tell a story of the continuously evolving Africa as interpreted by each collaborator.

The British Council has awarded The Textile Print Project the new Art new Audiences grant

The Textile Print Project is a collaboration between Kepha Maina (Kenya) Gloria Wavamunno (Uganda), HauteBaso (Rwanda), and Arieta Mujay (UK).

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