ZineFutures East Africa (EA) encourages the creation, viewing, and discussion of illustrated storytelling through easy to produce art (maga)zines/books.

Illustration is a very popular and commercialised art form in Tanzania and Uganda, seen in street art, satirical works and sign painting across both cities. However, there are few dedicated visual art spaces where illustration can be created and displayed. ZineFutures EA will encourage and enable illustrated storytelling through “Do It Yourself” art (maga)zines

For an inspirational starting point, we will use 60s and 70s editions of the formerly Kampala-based magazine Transition - a cutting-edge publication which facilitated artists, writers, poets, academics, and politicians to discuss African and Diasporic concerns.

ZineFutures EA will encourage a new generation of artists and creatives to review over 54 years of Tanzanian and Ugandan independence, working to produce their own zines/comics.

The final showcase of works will be displayed in Art Zine Fairs in Dar es Salaam, Kampala and London.

The British Council has awarded ZineFutures EA the new Art new Audiences grant

This project is in collaboration with Bookstop Sanaa Visual Art Library (Tanzania), INIVA (UK) and 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust (Uganda). 

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