Embracing all forms of dance and diversity

Stopgap Dance Company (UK), Pamoja Dance Group (Kenya) and Mambya Performing Arts Foundation (Uganda) will work together to run a research and development project for a new inclusive outdoor dance production to explore how people can overcome differences and push boundaries to make high-quality dance work.

This project will include disabled and non-disabled dancers from each country and aims to deepen the knowledge and experience of inclusive dance in Kenya, Uganda and other parts of East Africa in the future.

We will be sharing their journey over the next few months, as well as where you can see the outcome of research and development in 2017.

Looking up (working title): work-in-progress sharing at Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2017

In collaboration with Stopgap’s Artistic Director Lucy Bennett, five men from UK, Kenya, and Uganda previewed their piece Looking Up at Greenwich + Docklands Internation Festival in June 2017. This piece investigates some ideas surrounding the space in-between them, the walls that divide them and the paths that join them to find a shared physical language that needs no words. 

The British Council has awarded M-Brace the new Art new Audiences grant

This project is in collaboration with Stopgap Dance Company (UK), Pamoja Dance Group (Kenya) and Mambya Performing Arts Foundation (Uganda) 

Are you a British artist/creative practitioner interested in collaborating across East Africa? 

The Artists' International Development Fund (AIDF) was created in partnership with the British Council to support international travel for individual artists and/or creative practitioners from the UK to exhibit, develop talent and create original work.

Learn more about the AIDF grant.