Jalada Mobile Literary and Arts Festival

Jalada Mobile Literary and Arts festival is a cross between a traditional festival and a literary bus tour.

Jalada Mobile Literary and Arts festival will celebrate cultural diversity, situate the place of languages and translations in the 21st century, and revitalize linkages and cross-cultural interchange between Africa and the world.

There will be panel discussions, performances, master classes, workshops, exhibitions, and film screenings, as well as novel techniques in digital mapping and mobile phone mini-documentaries.

The British Council has awarded Jalada the new Art new Audiences grant

The nAnA grant supports the 2017 Rwanda leg of the festival that will feature multi-lingual performances, interactive new multimedia art installations, contemporary dance and other incredible art forms.

This project is in collaboration with Jalada Africa Trust (Kenya), Huza Press (Rwanda), Africa Writes (Royal African Society, UK), and a Rwandan art house.

Would you like to join the festival? 

Jalada prides itself in being a collective, and a cooperative approach is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you are a writer, an artist, an audience member, we’d love to hear from you. 

In the spirit of inclusivity and collaboration, desire to discover new voices, and expand audiences, Jalada will run an open call out for writers and artists in January 2017 to enrich our expanding Festival programme. Check back soon.

Are you interested in collaborating across East Africa? 

The East Africa Arts programme offers grants for East African artists and cultural practitioners to travel and participate in cultural events in East Africa.

Find out more information about our grants.