Winning school: Shree Niketan Patasala, Tambaram, India

Lead teacher: RAJESWARI B

It's a story about the school Shree Niketan Patasala in climate change.

'We believed that it was important to bring to light the positive impacts of actions, so that one could understand that even small steps taken towards the achievement by each and every one of us could lead to big changes. '

The video explains the school's belief in nurturing the nature for a better future. The central idea is to inspire students across the globe by showing the efforts they made to save the planet and making people think of the current situation of the environment, the accompanying danger and threat for humanity. The video showcases the school’s accomplishments in the battle against climate change via Design for Change campaign that includes ten major steps initiated by the school to improve the climate issues.

The audience can look for easy and eco-friendly methods that any individual can adopt and contribute their fight against climate change. The video also gives various ideas that schools across the globe could adopt easily for efficient and sustainable use. 

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