Winning school: Sekolah Alan Pacitan, Indonesia

Lead teacher: Maya Nurhidayati

'Environment has an important role in supporting life on earth. Human activities make environmental impact on our earth. Human has responsibility to save our environment. What can we do to save our environment? This is the biggest question of our times. The solution comes from within us.'

Noya, Theo, Khansa, and Alif show people what one can do to save our environment. The school, Sekolah Alam Pacitan, is located in Pacitan, East Java Indonesia. The videos showcaseds the beautifulschool and many environmental activities such as morning activity recycling plastic waste, producing organic fertilizer, environmental campaign, etc. The school also ask parents and communities to join their action such as cleaning beach, river, and public place. The school also hosts environmental events like recycled fashion show, percussion performance wearing natural material, earth day, world environment day etc. that they share on various kinds of social media. 

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