Winning school: Africa Andinet No.1 Primary, Ethiopia

Lead teacher: Elisabet Mesay Shumete

Studetns Fenet, Leul, Hawi, Danawit and Fekadu live in the Piazza area in the middle of Addis Ababa. They are from Africa Andinet No.1 Primary, which is located in a market area, where it's very busy and there are sometimes a lot of waste materials everywhere.

Sileshi Demessie, the Climate Hero, is famous in Ethiopia for being a singer and for cleaning up the environment. Some years ago Selashi worked with the school studetns using waste materials like plastic bottles to start their own green area inside our school, with plants growing in the cut bottles. Selashi also taught them how to sing the song 'This is our World’, which tells people how to look after their environment and care for our planet.

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