Winning school: University of the Immaculate Conception, Philippines

Lead teacher: Cecilyn Biliran

The Grade 10 students (Troy, Precious, Shenna, Jhaye, Deborah) of the University of the Immaculate Conception stand as environmental advocates and, most importantly, want to share the success story of a Climate Hero. On the issue of climate change, we are lucky to have people who are concerned about our environment and took measures to help fight climate change using their leadership skills and kind hearts. They are leaders. They are an example. They are our #ClimateHero. These heroes took part in making a change through conducting activities that respond to environmental issues.

As part of the Girl Scout of the Philippines (GSP) under the Chief Girl Scout Medal Scheme, they promote leadership and help communities by doing projects about health, heritage, and ecology. Among them, Kristin, a Gawad- Basnig Awardee, helps the native community and the environment via fund-raising activities. The university hopes that by sharing her passion, stories, and activities that result in real solutions, people may be inspired to stimulate thought and create change in the world.

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