The Cliamte Connection

The climate emergency affects all of us. It's a global issue, a human rights and equality issue, a health issue — and a survival issue. Faced with this challenge, we urgently need to come together. 

The British Council’s The Climate Connection is a global initiative, uniting people around the world to meet the climate challenge. Taking place in the run up to the United Nations climate conference, COP26, it’s about sharing ideas and taking positive action together.

We are asking you and your students to join the global conversation. We’re looking for short films about the great climate change work taking place in your schools and communities.

There’s never been a more important time for young people to engage in climate action. Climate change is a shared challenge and we can tackle it together. Your students can inspire more young people through the story of what they and their environment heroes are doing to change the world.

What our judges are looking for…

Content - Our judges are looking for videos which including the following content: 

  • Your video should tell the story of a climate action project in your school or tell the story about an someone in your community who is making a different to the planet. 
  • Your video should clearly explain the environmental sustainability problem in your school / community that is being addressed through this climate action project. 
  • The action being taken to address this environment problem should be clearly explained and justified. 
  • There should be is a clear explanation of how this climate action project has improved the environmental sustainability of your school / community. 

Clarity - Clarity and cohesion is critical for effective communication and storytelling. 

  • The structure of the video is important; making sure the audience can follow the climate action story clearly and fully understand all project aspects featured in the video.  
  • Your video should be aimed at other school students around the world. 
  • Your video should be in English. 

Inspirational - The climate action school video competition is designed to inspire action in young people around the world. 

  • The audience and judges should be left inspired and enthused about your climate action project story. 
  • The audience should wish to share your video with other people and inspire other school students to start their own climate action project. 
  • The winning videos will be the ones who makes their climate action story easy to listen to, entertaining and engaging. The passion for these climate action projects will shine through in the winning videos.  

For complete competition rules and guidelines please refer to the Climate Action: schools video competition terms and conditions in the below Consolidated Entry and Consent Form.

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