On 28 March 2022, our Global Knowledge Exchange event brought together partners and participants from across the world to showcase projects that are making a difference, share research insights, and help turn knowledge and ideas into action.

We heard from a diverse set of voices: from those running and participating in projects, those affected by them, and those whose plan it is to do more. The exchange focused on action-oriented dialogue and policy engagement around climate action priorities and agendas across our core cultural relations sectors of sectors of English, education and arts and culture. 

Scroll down the page to watch the videos to learn more about how the Climate Connection has brought people together across arts and culture, education and the English language to meet the challenges of climate change.

Part 1/8 - Mark Stephens Intro

Mark Stephens, Global Director of Cultural Engagement, introduces The Climate Connection Global Knowledge event.

Part 2/8 - Knowledge and Insight 

What are young people’s views on climate change? What now?

Join Monomita Nag-Chowdhury from British Council, environmental campaigner Phoebe HansonMahendra Gooroochurn, Chahaiya Pilkington from the Africa Europe Foundation, Heeta Lakhani, and Green Scholars, Lamis Elkhatieb and Lidya Berfin Kutlu from Egypt and Turkey.

Part 3/8 - Climate Action in Language Education showcase

Colm Downes and Hala Ahmed from British Council explore the role of the English Language Teaching sector in ensuring young people have the language tools to understand environmental issues, to discuss ideas, and to work together on solutions.

Part 4/8 - Climate Connection International Schools Partnerships showcase

Learn how our Climate Action International Schools Partnerships help address the climate crisis. Featuring students from Ysgol Clywedog in Wrexham, Wales and Gobery 2nd Public School and Ras Beirut Secondary Public School in Lebanon.

Citation: British Council. (2022). The Climate Connection Knowledge Summit (Version 1). The British Council. Avilable online at https://doi.org/10.57884/NS31-J762

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