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Am I eligible for a placement in Germany?

To be a Language Assistant in Germany, you must:

When will I start my placement?

Posts in Germany run from early September to 31 May.

Shorter posts are available for the first semester of the year, usually running from 1 September to 28 February. For the shorter period of appointment, it is not possible to leave the post early or finish before 28 February.

Assistants should arrive in Germany in late August/early September in order to attend a compulsory inducton course, ready to begin their placement the following day. The dates of the induction course will depend on the region you have been allocated to.

Will there be an induction course?

A compulsory four-day induction course will be held near Cologne, run by our partner agency in Germany, Paedagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD). This is likely to take place in August or September. 

You will be invited to the induction course by the PAD.

The course will cover all the necessary administration for living in Germany and give you the opportunity to learn and practise teaching skills. On arrival, you will need to pay a small cost (about €35) to cover your accommodation and meals.

Applicants who have recently been an assistant in Germany (within the past five years) will not be invited to the induction course.

How many hours will I work per week?

Language Assistants in Germany can expect to work approximately 12 hours per week. Please be aware that the number of hours and your specific timetable can vary depending on the region and institution that you are allocated to. 

How many posts are available in Germany?

Every year there are approximately 260 posts available in Germany in all areas of the 16 Bundeslaender (federal states).

Undergraduate applicants who need to complete a compulsory year abroad will be given priority. 

What type of institution will I be working in?

The majority of placements in Germany are in seconary schools, with a small number of postings in the primary and adult sectors.

How much will I be paid?

You will earn around €800 per month.

The allowance for language assistants varies from institution to institution and will be confirmed in your contract.

Please note that our overseas partners and employing institutions are ultimately responsible for setting the salary of language assistants and this amount should therefore be treated as indicatove and may be subject to change.

What holidays will I have?

In Germany the academic calendar runs from September to June. Typically assistants can expect to receive the same school and national holidays as their institution. 

Holidays often vary by region and sometimes institution. Your institution will give you fill details of your term dates when you begin your post.

Germany has many official public holidays every year, some observed nationwide, some local. You may wish to view this website for details on public holidays in Germany.

Where can I go in Germany?

You can choose three options from the list of geographical regions in bold below, ranking them in your order of preference. You may also select 'No Preference'.

You should expect to be allocated anywhere within the given region, as the town and school allocation will be decided by the Länder. Please note you will only be considered for Berlin if it is your first choice. However, Berlin is heavily over-subscribed each year and consequently many applicants are allocated elsewhere even if they put Berlin as their first choice. Please keep this in mind when choosing your preferences.

  • Nord: Bremen (HB) - Hamburg (HH) - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV) - Niedersachsen (NI) - Schleswig- Holstein (SH)
  • Süd: Baden-Württemberg (BW) - Bayern (BY) - Hessen (HE)
  • Ost: Brandenburg (BB) - Sachsen (SN) - Sachsen-Anhalt (ST) - Thüringen (TH)
  • West: Nordrhein-Westfalen (NW) - Rheinland-Pfalz (RP) - Saarland (SL)
  • Berlin: Berlin (BE)

If you have already had contact with a particular school in Germany, you should enclose a letter from them with your application form. You will be able to explain and give reasons for your preferences in the application form.

The final decision on where you will be placed rests with our German partner organisation and the Länder. We are not able to guarantee any particular region or school. We recommend you research the different regions of Germany before applying.

Please note there are also a small number of German-speaking areas of the Italian region of Trentino Alto-Adige. Please see the Italy page for further information. 

What is the application timeline?

  • February-April: some candidates may be contacted if we need clarification on certain aspects of their application.
  • April-May: candidates find out whether their application has been forwarded to our German partner organisation.
  • June: candidates find out whether they have been allocated to a country or been placed on a waiting list.
  • July-August: candidates find out the location of their post directly from the Bundesland.

Successful candidates will begin their post in September 2019.

For more information, download our English Language Assistant lifecyle (PDF 800KB)

I've worked as a Language Assistant in Germany – can I apply again?

Assistants currently working in Germany can apply for a consecutive year. This is not done through the British Council: contact the PAD for more information. We recommend you do this as soon as you have decided you would like to stay in Germany.

Consecutive year assistants can ask to remain at the same school, or request a change to their school or Bundesland. They will not be required to attend the induction course the following year.