Vocational Education Exchange

Vocational Education Exchange is British Council’s online magazine for teachers and leaders in vocational education and skills. 

The magazine provides a dedicated platform for practitioners and skills leaders from the UK and overseas to share experience and good practices through top tips, classroom materials, news, videos and articles. It helps to build capacity amongst vocational education and training professionals in the UK and the region, allowing them to increase their international engagement and raise their profile.

The magazine is being developed by the UK and eight countries in Western Balkans, Central Asia and South Caucuses with plans to roll it out more widely, giving it a global reach.

In April 2017 Issue: Professional Development

This month we explore new models of professional development to improve educational standards and motivate teachers. Learn top tips to enhance your non-verbal communication and enter your vocational institution to win our college of the month award.

Access a copy of the latest edition in English, and the local languages, on our country websites: 

Contribute to the magazine

Submitting a guest article is a great way to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills in other countries and create potential for future partnerships. If your institution would like to get involved please see our Call for Content.

What people are saying about Vocational Education Exchange

David Russell, CEO, Education and Training Foundation

The ETF welcomes the formation of the Vocational Education Exchange by the British Council, to share experience, best practice and standards around the world.

The ETF supports the professional development of teachers, trainers and assessors in the further education and skills sector on a national level.  We also provide development for leaders in the sector, driving organisation-wide improvement.  We created the Professional Standards with the sector and we host the Society for Education and Training, the professional membership body.

Raising the quality of technical vocational education and training helps learners and employers, benefitting society as a whole.  We look forward to sharing evidence-based effective practice on a global level.

Dr Neil Bentley, Chief Executive, WorldSkills UK

Our work with WorldSkills and WorldSkills Europe has shown how valuable the exchange of information is between countries and regions in creating and delivering high quality apprenticeships. 

On behalf of WorldSkills UK and our network of partners, I welcome the launch of this new initiative by the British Council. I truly believe that it will further enhance the transfer of knowledge and information between organisations across the world. 

By contributing to and participating in the Vocational Education Exchange, we are taking responsibility for equipping our young people with the higher level skills that businesses and the global economy need.