As part of the EU-funded VET Toolbox project, British Council is pleased to announce the launch of a Self-Assessment Toolkit for Training Institutions. The four-part, interactive toolkit is designed to support training providers internationally to build an institution-wide approach to Quality Improvement, underpinned by a robust process of self-assessment. 

Developed by British Council in conjunction with training providers and drawing on international best practice, the toolkit is designed to embed a philosophy of continual self-reflection so that course teams, faculties and senior managers can continually improve their ability to deliver high-quality learning and teaching across a wide range of curriculum programmes.

The Self-Assessment Toolkit for Training Institutions is among a library of tools produced by the VET Toolbox project to help improve skills systems and support the development of relevant skills for all. The toolkit is the latest in a number of practical tools created by British Council for policy makers and practitioners working in the skills sector. Please visit our website  to access more of our tools, resources and guidance. 

The VET Toolbox project is delivered by a partnership of leading European agencies. It focuses on promoting demand-driven and inclusive vocational education and training internationally.

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