The seminar is run in partnership with the Association of Colleges.

When: 5 – 7 March 2019

Where: England


As the world changes so must TVET provision.  Technological and industrial change, increased labour mobility and an increasing focus on climate change provide significant challenges but also opportunities.  This event will focus on how we can best shape TVET systems to both, respond to, and enable the future of TVET.

More specifically, during the seminar we will explore the following questions:

  • How can systems best be governed to ensure responsiveness and autonomy in a changing world?
  • How can we provide flexible routes to work and adaptable skills for a changing labour market?
  • What does the learning space of the future look like, both physically and digitally?
  • What emphasis do we need to place on life-long learning and how can this best be combined with initial TVET offers
  • How do we develop partnerships to shape this new offer?

The programme will also feature:

  • Visits to employers
  • Visits to independent training providers and colleges
  • Expert speakers
  • Interactive workshops
  • A networking dinner

Learning Aims

Participants will leave with an improved knowledge and understanding of effective practice in delivering quality TVET provision that meets the needs of the future and insight into policy setting and implementation models.

More specifically, we will provide:

  • reflections on the different aims of TVET and how these can best be met
  • ideas for policy changes and interventions to contribute to system reform
  • time to reflect on the different stakeholders and groups engaged in TVET and the functions they can and do serve.

Who should attend?

This is event is designed for those with a significant interest in Technical and Vocational Education and training.  Attendees will be Policy Makers or Leaders of TVET authorities or institutions.  This is not an open event and is open only to delegates from outside of the UK who have the endorsement of the local British Council office.

For more information, please write to: