Developing and Delivering TVET through the private sector

In partnership with 
Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP)

When: 25 – 27 February 2020

Where: Manchester

TVET provision by state education institutions is well understood and practiced globally.  However, as systems seek to enable greater responsiveness to the labour market and enable more agile provision what role does the private sector play in delivering training?  In England private training providers record higher satisfaction rates with employers for apprentices and have become an embedded and valued part of the sector.  Public-private partnerships are also well established.  This event looked at how the private sector can be involved in TVET provision and what policy makers can do to enable this.  

More specifically, during the seminar we explored the following questions:

  • Should we treat private provision and state led provision separately?
  • How can you as a policy maker enable the private sector to engage in the system?
  • In what areas might private and independent provision be better suited to meeting the needs of learners and employers?
  • How do we measure outcomes from both a social and economic perspective?
  • How do we ensure quality in a system with individual autonomy?
  • How do we enable collaboration between providers in a competitive marketplace?

The programme also featured:

  • Visits to employers
  • Visits to independent training providers
  • Expert speakers
  • Interactive workshops
  • A networking dinner

Learning Aims

More specifically, we provided:

  • an introduction to managing and encouraging quality private TVET provision
  • ideas for policy changes and interventions to contribute to system reform
  • time to reflect on the different stakeholders and groups engaged in TVET and the functions they can and do serve.


The seminar attended partners from government, industry or education who were seeking to improve outcomes in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training policy.