Our International Skills Partnerships achieve great things – from transforming the lives of individuals to informing national skills policies that can impact on the learning experiences of hundreds of thousands of young people around the world.

We recognise and celebrate the achievements of our most outstanding partnership projects at our annual Bringing the Learning Home seminar with the presentation of prestigious awards.

International Skills Partnerships Awards, 2016 Winners

This year, the British Council celebrated particularly successful International Skills Partnerships in the following categories:

Category One: Innovation Within the Project Proposal

The Winners: Westminster Kingsway College and Multidisciplinary College in Kazakhstan

The partners have been working on a project that aims to respond to Kazakhstan’s national objective to update the content of vocational education and training to better meet the demands of industry. Among the areas upon which the proposal focuses are greater employer engagement and the introduction of entrepreneurship training into the curriculum. The partnership is supported by Kazakhstan’s National Chamber of Entrepreneurs that works with partner colleges to ensure that learning from the partnership will be cascaded to other institutions.

Category Two: Creating Positive Change for Young People

The Winners: West Lothian College, Coleg Gwent, Coleg y Cymoedd, BAYTI and AIDA in Morocco

Due to the profound challenges presented by high youth unemployment rates across the world, the British Council chose to celebrate a partnership which had truly placed improving the opportunities of young people at the forefront of their work. A project launched in 2014, involving five institutions from the UK and Morocco, was selected as the winner. The partners worked with local employers to establish a pathway to employment, an apprenticeship or training for groups of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in each location. The partnership produced a pre-employment curriculum which was designed to meet the needs of both young people and their potential employers while participants were also provided with advice and support in order to increase their self-confidence and enable them to make informed career choices. The programme was piloted simultaneously in Morocco, Wales and Scotland.

The partnership has been supported by the Moroccan government and a recent commitment from the Ministry of Youth and Sport to expand the programme will lead to a wider-scale change, potentially transforming the lives of many more young people.  

Category Three: Sustainable collaboration 

The Winners: Canterbury College, Maluti TVET College and Flavius Mareka TVET College in South Africa

Mutuality, collaboration and sustainability are at the heart of our International Skills Partnerships, and this award recognised a project which has shown real commitment to these values. The winning partnership aims to enhance the employability and entrepreneurship skills of learners through training and other support services, including an Enterprise Challenge Competition, an improved work placement system and a recruitment service. In addition, learners will receive training in servicing and maintaining solar thermal hot water heating systems to meet the increased skills demand in the sector in both partner countries. The partnership is building on the learning and experience from the project between Maluti TVET College and New College Stamford.