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Accreditation UK provide support for centres preparing for inspection. We provide self-evaluation templates, guidance documents and the option to attend a pre-inspection briefing. Centres that enrol students under 18 should consult the Safeguarding under 18s page.

Self evaluation template

You can self evaluate your organisation against the inspection criteria. Use this template to see how you match up against the criteria.

Self evaluation template 2018-19 (Word 327KB)

We have prepared some examples of this to assist providers - please see below

Self evaluation examples (PDF 605)

Pre-inspection briefings 

Pre-inspection briefings are being conducted online.
Centres preparing for re-inspection in 2023 are asked to contact the Accreditation Unit for details of how to register. 

New applicants can register directly on this page against the relevant briefing.

Upcoming briefings

  • Wednesday 22 February 2023,  15.00
  • Friday 10 February 2023, 11.00 (NEW APPLICANTS ONLY - register here)

English UK consultancy

English UK provides a consultancy service to help centres prepare for accreditation or inspection. Visit the English UK website for more information.

Guidance documents

At the bottom of the page you can download:

  • Teacher qualifications evaluation form and flowchart - ensuring that teachers hold qualifications that meet the Scheme criteria is an important step in the preparation for inspection.
  • Guidance for providers on assessing Teaching and learning
  • Guidance on the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and Prevent strategy - an information sheet, risk assessment and action plan template, and sample policy 
  • Guidance on preparing documentation for multicentre inspections
  • Criteria, requirements and guidance document - landscape version
  • Guidance on writing an emergency plan