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Social enterprise policy briefs

The British Council and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia, supported by Social Enterprise UK, have provided support to policy makers and ecosystem builders in Asia seeking to create a more enabling environment for social enterprise and social impact investment. This document outlines some of the key milestones in building a more enabling environment in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Social enterprise policy briefs  (Adobe PDF 913 KB)


The social enterprise policy landscape in ...


This report surveys government activity and policies that influence social enterprises in Bangladesh and offers recommendations on building a more supportive environment for the sector, notably in the areas of finance, skills development, and awareness raising. See also the more recent State of social enterprise in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan from 2016.

Social enterprise policy landscape in Bangladesh (Adobe PDF 2.55MB)


This 2015 landscape study provides an overview of social enterprise and sector support organisations in Ghana, examines the policy and social context for social entrepreneurship, and concludes that opportunities abound for social enterprise in Ghana. See also our State of social enterprise in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan.

Social enterprise landscape in Ghana (Adobe PDF 1.82MB)


India has seen a rapid expansion of social enterprise activity in the past decade but this has occurred with little government support. This study with ODI and Social Enterprise UK outlines practical steps and priority areas for engagement by the social enterprise sector with India’s state and national governments. See also our State of social enterprise in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan.

Social enterprise: an overview of the policy framework in India (Adobe PDF 1.43MB)