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In his foreword to Think Global, Trade Social, Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus writes, ‘Aid alone cannot be our response. Global sustainability and the nature of the economy will be shaped by entrepreneurship and the terms on which we create and do business with each other.’  ©

British Council

These think pieces explore the role that social and creative enterpreneurship has played in addressing some of the biggest challenges we face.

Exporting social enterprise: a survey of overseas trade by UK social enterprises

The British Council and Social Enterprise UK teamed up to publish, in 2014, this study which was the first in the UK to specifically examine overseas trade and franchising by UK social enterprises. It looks at where and how UK social enterprises export, provides case studies, and offers recommendations to support the growth of such overseas trade. 

Exporting social enterprise: a survey of overseas trade by UK social enterprises (Adobe PDF 5.34MB)

Social enterprise and job creation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Based on research conducted across ten African countries and published in Sep 2020, this report finds that social enterprises are more likely than traditional SMEs to provide employment and training opportunities for youth, women as well as poor and vulnerable people who are likely to be hit hardest by the economic fallout of Covid-19.

Social enterprise and job creation in Sub-Saharan Africa (Adobe PDF 2.64 MB)

Corporations, business and social trust

At a time when nationalism is rising and support for democratic values is declining, this paper considers the role that businesses and corporations play in building and undermining social trust. It was published as part of the Future of the Corporation programme led by the British Academy.

Corporations, business and social trust (Adobe PDF 553KB)

Think Global Trade Social

Our survey with Social Enterprise UK and the World Bank (and a foreword by Prof Muhammad Yunus), explains why trade, investment and business activity are our most powerful drivers of economic and social change and why social enterprise must play an important role if we are to reduce inequality and make progress on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which set the world's development agenda to 2030.

Think global trade social: how business with a social purpose can deliver more sustainable development (Adobe PDF 6.34MB)

Global city challenges: the creative and social economy solution

Home to over half the world's population, cities produce 80 per cent of global GDP but also face myriad complex challenges. This report looks at how the creative and social economies can offer solutions to some of these problems, spur innovation and help us overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Global city challenges: the creative and social economy solution (Adobe PDF 1.7MB)