Social entrepreneur Kwami Williams of MoringaConnect
Kwami Williams is the founder of a social enterrpise called MoringaConnect that sells oils, foods and other products made from the seeds and leaves of the Moringa tree as a way to reduce malnutrition and help lift Ghanaian farmers out of poverty.   ©

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The state of social enterprise in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan

Much has been written about the growth of social enterprise in Asia and Africa, but this has largely focused on anecdotal evidence since, to date, there has been little quantitative evidence to draw upon. The aim of this study was to help fill that knowledge gap by providing quantitative information on the social enterprise sectors in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan. 

The findings are fascinating and include information about the number and growth of social enterprises as well as their operations and turnover. The survey includes data about the impact they deliver, the beneficiaries they serve, and the challenges they face. 

By providing such quantitative information about social enterprise in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan, the research will serve as a baseline for measuring the growth of social enterprise activity in those countries in future. We hope that it will also raise awareness of the beneficial role that social enterprises are playing in these countries and help policy makers, social investors, development agencies and other key actors provide more targeted and enhanced support to the social enterprise sector.

What does the survey comprise?

The study is divided into six chapters that you can download below. There are chapters that focus on each of the surveyed countries as well an introductory chapter that outlines the research aims and methodology and a concluding chapter that provides cross-country comparisons and conclusions. 

In addition, there are two-page summaries of the findings from each of the four countries that you can also download below. 

Who conducted the research?

This study was led by Emily Darko (initially at ODI then UnLtd) and conducted and written up in partnership with Social Enterprise UK, Betterstories (Bangladesh) Social Innovation Lab at LUMS University (Pakistan) and Songhai Advisory (Ghana). The research on India was led by Ennovent with support from the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), ODI, UnLtd and Social Enterprise UK. The survey and the research methodology were designed in consultation with SEUK, ODI, and UnLtd UK. 

We would like to warmly thank all those involved in the research for their contributions. 

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