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British Council

The British Council has published over 40 surveys, guides and reports on social enterprise, social investment and responsible business. They offer data, insights and useful content on social enterprise and the impact economy from around the world.

Among these is More in Common: The global state of social enterprise, which is the first study to provide a genuinely global picture of social enterprise. They also include our report on social enterprise and job creation in Sub-Saharan Africa and our social enterprise Covid-19 response survey. They comprise surveys of social enterprise that provide quantitative information on the scale, scope and impact of social enterprise in a growing number of countries. There is also a guide to social enterprise in the UK as well as think pieces on subjects such as the role of social enterprise in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, there are free teaching resources to introduce social enterprise into the classroom as well as studies on the role that social enterprise plays in supporting women’s empowerment. 

You will find all of them in the following collections.

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