The new Language Trends 2023 report surveyed teachers at more than 1300 primary, secondary and independent schools across England about language teaching and learning.

The twenty-first edition of the British Council's annual Language Trends survey follows research from 2022, which found language learning at schools in England was in slow recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Key findings

  • Spanish is the most popular A-level language in schools across England for the fourth year running, while German falls behind at GCSE
  • nearly nine out of ten primary schools have pupils for whom English is an additional language  
  • schools’ international engagement is showing signs of improvement post pandemic  
  • launch of a National Consortium for Languages Education to improve uptake in German and Other Modern Languages

Language Trends England 2023 webinar

Watch the recording of our Language Trends webinar to hear from report author, Dr Collen, and key educators as they discuss the report findings, what this means for language teaching in England and the role of the National Cosortium for Language Education (NCLE) in addressing some of the issues raised.

The full report is available to read in the 'Downloads' section below.

In addition, take a look at the infographic in the downloads section which illustrates pupil attitudes to languages. This is informed by additional insight that was done in 2023 with pupils across the UK pupils had either just completed, or were about to complete, their first year of secondary education.