Global Britain: the UK’s soft power advantage presents analysis of polling data from a survey of 37,158 young people from across 36 countries to reveal how the UK – and other leading economies – rate in the eyes of the next generation. 

The report focusses on data on trust and attractiveness. The headline finding is that the UK is the most attractive country in the G20 group of nations, but it is very much first amongst equals with other leading liberal, capitalist democracies like Canada, Germany and Japan also performing strongly.

The report provides vital insights into the prospects for the UK Government’s plans for the ‘Indo-Pacific tilt’ and the real potential of increased engagement with Commonwealth states. It also makes clear the scale of the challenge facing the country in renewing ties with European neighbours following the 2016 Referendum on leaving the European Union. 

The report looks beyond international perceptions of the UK to explore the impact of the rise of China on perceptions in Africa, Asia and Europe, and the sharp decline in confidence in the US Government internationally. It also reveals how young people from the UK see the rest of the world.

Author: Alistair MacDonald, Senior Policy Advisor, Soft Power