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Towards scalable, sustainable UK transnational education

The UK has a leading role in the global growth of transnational education (TNE). In 2020–21, UK TNE students totalled 510,835 across 228 countries and territories – representing record growth of 12.7 per cent.

Given the increasing importance of TNE as a means of delivering UK education, our role in supporting UK TNE looks set to grow, and our on-the-ground presence and strong local networks will be more in demand than ever.

To meet this demand, we have developed a new TNE strategy to help us achieve our vision of building scalable and sustainable UK TNE globally.

In particular, it outlines the four key actions we will take to support the global growth of UK TNE.

Action 1: Contribute to better data and insight on UK TNE.

Action 2: Create an enabling environment for TNE in other countries and promote the quality of UK TNE internationally.

Action 3: Influence the removal of barriers to TNE and support new opportunities.

Action 4: Support TNE, to contribute to the transformation of local education systems and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It also outlines our partners, role and approach, and showcases examples of our work to strengthen the TNE landscape globally.

Developed in collaboration with our UK and international partners, the strategy will continue to be reviewed and developed to meet the ever-evolving global higher education landscape.