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Under our Going Global Partnerships programme, we support the development of partnerships between the UK and other countries to enable greater international collaboration and improvements in higher education and research.

System-level partnerships

We support partnerships between the UK and other countries focused on:

  • alignment of higher education regulatory systems
  • mutual recognition of qualifications

to enable more international collaboration and mobility. 

In some development contexts, these partnerships also focus on supporting national system reform agendas, sharing expertise in areas such as:

  • governance
  • evaluation
  • leadership

to develop more effective, inclusive higher education systems.

This strand includes targeted support for partnerships addressing gender equality.

Institutional partnerships

We provide grants and support for partnerships between UK and overseas institutions in areas of mutual interest in teaching, learning, research and innovation. This includes support for new transnational education (TNE) partnerships.

Connections and insights

We support international delegations, study visits and networking events that support dialogue and knowledge-sharing on priority issues and themes amongst higher education leaders, policy makers and practitioners. This strand provides learning opportunities and insight reports for those engaged in international collaboration.

Our work in higher education partnerships