In higher education we help to develop stronger, more inclusive and internationally connected Higher Education systems which support economic and social growth in the UK and globally.  We create educational opportunities and support improvements to higher education worldwide, focusing on shared challenges of quality, inclusion and internationalisation. We do this by engaging policy makers, education leaders, academics, researchers and students in dialogue, partnerships, mobility and exchange.

Our six strategic aims are to:

  • increase the UK’s share of the global market for international student recruitment by marketing the UK as a world-class study destination
  • create more opportunities for UK students, learners and researchers to study and work overseas
  • develop HE and TVET partnerships that support quality and internationalisation and grow the market for the UK sector with regulatory reforms to maintain UK leadership
  • create global networks of alumni of UK HEIs
  • support the UK’s international reputation for science and research
  • create more opportunities to learn from global practice and enhance the international reputation of the four education systems of the UK.

We use our global network to build connections between the UK higher education sector and the countries in which we operate.

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