We run a range of outward mobility programmes aimed at providing life-changing opportunities for students from all parts of the UK to study or work overseas. These programmes support the development of a generation of internationally-skilled young people in the UK, who are more employable and who will strengthen relationships between the UK and other countries.

Beyond the programmes that we run ourselves we encourage UK undergraduates to pursue international opportunities through 'Study and work abroad', our graduate mobility web portal. 'Study and work abroad' provides a comprehensive guide to opportunities and how they contribute to building a career. 

Our programmes

Language Assistants

Offers UK students and graduates the opportunity to teach English overseas on a paid six-month or one-year placement working as a Language Assistant in one of 15 destinations.

Generation UK–China

Enables UK students to study at a Chinese university, and students and fresh graduates to undertake a two-month internship in China.

Study USA

Offers 50–60 students from Northern Ireland the chance to spend a full academic year at an American college or university studying business or business and STEM.