Green careers directory

Green jobs are decent jobs in any economic sector (e.g. agriculture, industry, services, administration) that contribute to preserving, restoring and enhancing environmental quality.

Read inspiring stories about UK alumni excelling in Green careers all over the world.

Aerospace engineer - Pakistan

Aerospace information - Bulgaria

Agricultural and environmental engineer - Nigeria

Aquatic ecology researcher - Ireland

Artistic director - Greece

Biological scientist - Thailand

Business development professional - Philippines

Certified climate reality leader - Pakistan

Civil engineer - Pakistan

Chemical engineer - Switzerland

Clean coasts and anti-litter educator - Ireland

Clean energy entrepreneur - Greece

Climate finance specialist - Kazakhstan

Construction project manager - Pakistan

Efficient light sources researcher - Greece

Electrical engineering professor - Pakistan

Energy consultant - Switzerland

Energy law and policy-maker - Nigeria

Energy specialist - Brazil

Energy technical advisor - Pakistan

Entrepreneur and film creator - Philippines

Environment and climate change specialist - Kazakhstan

Environment and nature conservationist - Sweden

Environment and sustainable technology researcher - Philippines

Environmental advocate - Egypt

Environmental energy finance professional - China

Environmental management and consultant - Kazakhstan

Environmental project specialist - Nigeria

Environmental technologist - Thailand

Finance and capacity building expert - Mexico

Green alternative scientist - Egypt

Green energy solutions project manager - Kazakhstan

Green industry inventor - China

Health researcher - India

Health-product entrepreneur - Thailand

Histology and embryology expert - Bulgaria

Information technology expert - Philippines

Management consultant - Pakistan

Marine mammal society coordinator - Slovenia

Mechanical engineering lecturer - Egypt

Mobile broadband communications professor - Pakistan

Offshore wind energy expert - Philippines

Politician and environmental policy advisor - France

Reliable and affordable clean energy entrepreneur - Pakistan

Seismologist and seismic hazard specialist - Greece

Sensitisation and advocate - Nigeria

Social entrepreneur - Greece

Solid waste management - Indonesia

Sustainability-focused project manager - Turkey

Sustainable design and consultant - France

Sustainable mining expert - India

Technology researcher - Cyprus

Waste plastic to energy Innovator - Pakistan